The Mercedes Project

ImageWe purchased this car in 2012 with hopes of fixing it up and making it drivable. However, we believe God had other plans for us. We currently drive a 190e and that needs some fixing up as well. So, our first thought was to fix up the 300 and sell the 190. The cost of fixing up the 300 was going to be far more costly than  the cost of fixing the 190.  The hardest part was locating the parts we needed to fix the 300. We searched salvage yards and online in places such as Craig’s List, we came up empty.

So after much praying and finally listening to what God was trying to tell us, we are harvesting the 300e and using some parts for the 190e and selling the rest. We thought we would find a customer base for these parts, knowing how difficult it was for us to find them. Our thoughts were, there are probably other people like us out there, looking to fix up a Mercedes and not wanting to spend the money on new parts. Having a well built car like Mercedes you don’t find parts you need like you can for other cars.

We have been noticing more Mercedes on the road than ever before. Of course, that could be because we are driving one and are in the market for parts for the other one. As we drive along the highway we notice Mercedes and look closer at the model it is.

It’s kind of fun tearing into a car and  pulling out parts.It was in  researching  the costs of these parts that we discovered just how expensive it can be to restore this type of car. So, with a lot of praying on what we should do, we were led to finding ways to get our product out to the public.  We aren’t looking to get rich selling the parts, we want to provide a service to people who are in the same boat as we are. Trying to fix up our vehicle without going broke.

If anyone is interested in any of these parts you may contact us at

We are also interested in buying functional car parts or parts only cars.

Here are some of the parts we have to offer:

  1. #1 HVAC A/C Heater Recirc Pump
  2. Hirschman Antenna Assembly
  3. Overload Relay Protector
  4. OES Relay
  5. Watervalve
  6. Lock Relay
  7. Ignition Module (KE Control Unit)
  8. MAS Control Unit
  9. ABS Control Unit
#1 HVAC A/C Heater Recirc Pump

#1 HVAC A/C Heater Recirc Pump

#2 Antenna Assy

#2 Antenna Assy

#3Overload Relay Protector

#3 Overload Relay Protector

#5 OES Relay
#4 OES Relay
#6 Watervalve

#5 Watervalve


#7 Lock Relay

#6 Lock Relay

#8 Ignition Module

#7 Ignition Module

#9 MAS Control Unit

#8 MAS Control Unit

#10 ABS Control Unit

#9 ABS Control Unit